Overworked and under water

This video comes out of the Palm Beach, FL. region where a Target worker was exhausted from working an all-night shift and drove into a canal. With the sheriff telling the reporter how he got the call from her as her car was sinking, it was compelling to hear him tell the story and the footage they got of the car was astounding as most of it had already sunk into the canal. The video in my opinion was very well done and the way the story is told in the video is amazing – it’s amazing how she survived.

Here is a link to the video:



One thought on “Overworked and under water

  1. Steven Fox says:

    There is a trend in most of your comments – they include compelling stories and images.

    With that in mind, are these examples of well done multimedia storytelling or simply the beneficiaries of great topics? It’s a tough thing to distinguish.

    One way to think about this: Find boring topics without amazing images and see if the multimedia storytelling is done well in those cases.

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