Getting back into the blogging game

As one can see, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged for personal purposes. I currently have a blog for academic purposes, but it’s just not the same.

I recently read a post in a friend’s blog about finding inspiration to start blogging again and to think of blogging in a different manner. What I took away from that post was to write about anything in my blog — even if it’s not a topic that will go viral or gain instant popularity. I really admire how she said finding out things about yourself will help you come up with blogging ideas and topics. It was the kick start I needed to get back into blogging (yet again) and try to keep up with (again). 

I believe my greatest disadvantage is that I think too much and then over think what I write. It’s time to just let the words flow as I go along. I read a lot of articles online and come across many topics I find interesting. It’s time I start writing about those ideas, subjects, topics, etc. After all, writing is my greatest strength. It’s time I keep it polished.


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