A lost desire, dream or talent?

I’m sure everyone who knows me knows that I got engaged recently. I have already started the planning for the wedding: Picking a date, choosing my maid of honor, my bridesmaids, the best man/groomsmen, the wedding colors, the location – just typing all of this becoming overwhelming.

Phew. It’s a lot of work. Thankfully I have my maid of honor, my bridesmaids, my mom, my aunt Kim and many more to help me with decorating and everything else.

Aside from all of this wedding planning, I was thinking just how cool it would be if I could design my own invitations. The more familiar I become with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, the more I realize that I love working with it and learning all of the new tips and tricks. I was thinking back how back in high school I was fascinated with trying to create my own layout for my LiveJournal or my MySpace page. I was becoming familiar with the basics of HTML and HTML coding. I began familiarizing myself with HTML again this semester as I work on my senior portfolio for Journalism/Technical Communication. I have to admit – I wish I would have kept up with my interests of designing and learning about the color codes. I wish I would went to vocational school to educate myself a bit more about graphic design while in high school. I took my first graphic design class last semester and found it to be very interesting. While I had a difficult time in there since my professor never really gave me straight answers to my questions, let alone helpful instructions – I tried to teach myself or got help from my fellow graphic design friends. It was a struggle, but I was really proud of myself after I finished an assignment.

I love art, I do. I love drawing, painting, working with charcoal, water colors, pastels, oil paint, acryllic paint, sketching or even clay. I love art and I wish I would have went further with it somehow. I wonder what would have happened if I kept up with it before college and went into graphic design – or at least got minor in it. I don’t know. I guess I’ll just continue to teach myself using open source programs or playing with computers that have Adobe programs on them at work and at the library. 

So, I kind of went off from the topic of wedding to the topic of art – but the more I search for fonts and think about how I want my invitations to look, the more I wish I could create them myself. 

I suppose I can make this a fun side subject: familiarizing myself with Photoshop and Illustrator more to create my “Save the date” and wedding invitations. After all, I do have online tutorials and YouTube videos to help me.

Just another late night thought of mine that I felt I had to share. 🙂


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