The not-so-far future

This past Friday, I presented my online portfolio in Grand Rapids to staff, family and friends. The presentations are a requirement that Journalism/Technical Communication students must meet in order to graduate from the program. I am set to graduate with my Bachelor of Science in Journalism & Technical Communication in December 2013. However – I will not be leaving Ferris until May 2014 when I receive my Bachelor of Social Work AND complete my final internship for Social Work & JTC.

Bear with me – I am currently fighting a sinus infection and I’m not 100% myself, so this will NOT be my best blog post. I was ill when I presented my portfolio and unfortunately I still am.

After I finished my presentation on Friday, it dawned on me just how close I am graduating. Although I have a little more than a year left, it will be here before I know it. Time is flying back quickly as each day passes and I am one step closer to saying my goodbye to Ferris. It’s a feeling of relief and a feeling of fear. I am relieved to soon be starting a new chapter in my life, meet new people, learn new things and live somewhere new (unless it’s home, but I like home, so that’s OK.), and begin a new routine. However, I am in fear of the unknown, fear of not finding a job or having the funds to pay bills, pay back loans and establish a new means of living. I’ll admit that I am more than ready to move on from Ferris and leave Big Rapids behind – I’ve been there for four years now and I’m ready for something new. I will be stepping out of my current comfort zone and into something entirely different: The real world.

The real world seems exciting, yet frightening. The horror stories I’ve been told from friends who have graduated about not being able to find a job right away or not having enough money to buy food or pay bills scares me. It scares all of us who are about ready to leave what we’ve always known for the past four or five years and start a new path to who knows where.

Of course, the key to (hopefully) not being unemployed after college is applying for jobs as soon as your final academic year begins and building connections. That’s what I plan to do and I think others should if they haven’t already, too. It’s so important to network, apply and follow up.

Naturally, I am a worrier. I worry about the smallest things and the biggest things. But, I can’t worry about what isn’t here yet. I’m wasting time and energy and I need to stop – but that’s easier said than done. To worry is ingrained in my personality, but I can’t let it overshadow the here and now.

In all honesty, I wish I was done with school and moving on. But, I’m certain that once I am, I’ll want some parts of it back since that’s how it always goes. Well, maybe. It all depends.


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