Reality is not a walk in the park

As I was perusing one of my favorite news websites, The Huffington Post, I came across a story about a high school senior writing an open letter to the colleges who have rejected her. 

To sum it up, this student, Suzy Weiss, was whining because she had been rejected by Ivy League schools such as Yale and Vanderbilt. She was attempting to write a “satirical” piece about it, which included bouts of racism and a sense of “poor me, why me” mentality. Well, she needs to improve her satirical writing skills, because her letter came off as whiny, racist and just pathetic.

She complains about her parents not being tough on her and that if she had two moms or if she wore a headdress she would have gotten into one of those schools. I find it highly inappropriate and insensitive that she would make those comments since she doesn’t have a clue about people who are considered “minorities” go through. At all. 

She did get accepted to schools such as U of M and a few other big name colleges that many students would love to have gotten into, but no. She had to write a snarky, immature letter that landed her on The Today Show so she could whine some more. Suzy, maybe you should re-evaluate your attitude and get out in the community to help out with the homeless or work in a soup kitchen just to see how easy you have it. Don’t blame your parents or the schools for you not getting accepted. You are not “entitled” to get whatever you want. Grow up and buck up, because nobody is going to hold your hand when you do leave for college. You clearly seem to have a decent life and have not a damn thing to complain about. I get it, getting a rejection letter or four sucks. We’ve all been there. Just be thankful you have an opportunity to get into college – because many students do not. Many have to work and take care of their younger siblings or even their parents. Some of them don’t even have a home to call their own. So, you need to take a good, long look at yourself and seriously reconsider your “spoiled brat” attitude. 

Reality is not going to give you everything you want – reality can be cruel, unfair and downright morose. I truly hope Suzy learns to grow up and be thankful for how easy she has it.

To read her letter:



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