5 Things Girls Say On The Internet That Bug Me

Yep. Every single one of these annoys me to no end.

Thought Catalog

Let’s get one thing straight, everyone has some stuff they say on the internet that makes us look like neanderthals with a 56k connection. That said, there are certain terms for which women are the sole offenders. Let’s just get it together at once, ladies, and get rid of these for good.

1. Hubby. Possibly the most egregious of all love-related offenders, this word is used nearly exclusively by young female halves of married/ engaged couples who are just so god damned in love that they want to yell at the very top of their lungs to the internet at large about the Lost marathon they are watching with their significant other.

Hubby is not a person, he doesn’t have feelings or thoughts or a life of his own. He is Hubby. Hubby rubs wifey’s feet, he brings her flowers, he is the best Hubby ever. Things you will often…

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