Searching for inspiration, but where’s the motivation?

I’ve always had a knack for reading, writing and drawing. However, in the last five years, my artistic skills became stagnant as I focused on my undergraduate studies. I was able to keep my writing skills sharp as I wrote and eventually became an editor for the campus newspaper.

This summer, I’ve been working on sharpening my artistic skills and re-introducing myself to the world of art. It’s a world I’ve missed dearly. It’s a part of who I’ve always been. As a child, I would sketch and doodle cartoons, specifically Scooby-Doo. My teachers were impressed by my artistic abilities. My reading and writing skills were also above average. In second grade, I was reading at a middle school level. I have my mom to thank for teaching me at such a young age the importance of reading.

As I prepare to enter graduate school to pursue my Masters of Social Work, I fear that the same thing will happen. I’ve decided that I need to keep my eyes and ears open for inspiration. I want to keep my passion for art and writing alive. Letting it fade just isn’t an option.

I find inspiration everywhere. I find it in my daily life. I find inspiration in my mom’s beautiful flower garden, I find it outside in my big backyard with the trees. I’ve always had a fascination with trees, actually. I couldn’t tell you why, I just do.

I find inspiration with music, conversations, books, animals, drawings, paintings, other forms of art.

I find it, but sometimes I don’t implement it. Why? A lack of motivation, a lack of drive. Sometimes it’s hard to find. Motivation comes and goes in spurts. Some days, I wake up and I’m ready to tackle all of the things I have to do and work on a project, take the dog for a walk, etc. Some days, I just want to sit on the couch or lie in bed and binge-watch a show on Netflix. Some days I have to push myself, other days I just go until I’m exhausted. I suppose I’m only human.

I’m in search of implementing the inspiration I find, but I can’t do that without motivation. If you have any tips or tricks on keeping yourself motivated, what are they? I would love to know. Feel free to comment below!


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