Mind your own damn business

I’m sure everyone has heard the news about some sick, cruel individual hacking the personal phones and computers of female celebrities and posting their private photos on 4chan. 

This is a despicable and disgusting act of whatever slimeball thought it was OK to invade someone’s privacy and share their intimate photos with the entire world.

Celebrities that were hacked include Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande and many more. 

Many are arguing, “Well, they should have known better because they’re celebrities and it’s their own fault!”

Stop talking. Just stop. They have every right to take whatever kind of photos they want, whether they be cute, silly or sexy. It’s their life and they should have a right to privacy.

Stop the slut shaming already. What if your private photos were posted on the internet for everyone to see? How would you feel? Imagine how a person that is in the public eye 24/7 feels. Everyone, famous or not, has the right to a private life. People don’t have a right to exploit their private life.

Not only is this guy a black hat hacker, but he is also a sex predator, because he sexually exploited these women by hacking into their personal electronic devices and posting these photos without their consent. It’s similar to revenge porn, which is becoming illegal in many states. I hope it becomes illegal in all 50 states. The privacy of these women was maliciously violated. It’s not okay.

Yes, I am aware that privacy in this day and age isn’t really “privacy” anymore with everything on the internet being traceable. However, that does not mean it’s okay to violate someone else’s right to privacy. It’s morally and ethically wrong. If a couple wants to take nude photos of one another to share with each other, then they have every right to do so. If someone wants to take sexy photos of themselves, they also have a right to do that. It’s their life, not yours.

It’s clear that the hacker who did this has the intention of exploiting and humiliating these celebrities. The act of exploiting and humiliating anyone is disgraceful. Jennifer Lawrence is a human being, Kate Upton is a human being, Kirsten Dunst is a human being. I am a human being, you are a human being. Since we are all humans, we should all have the right to a private life that only we share with one or a few people.

I believe this act is a form of abuse. I’m sure these women feel violated. I know I would. I would be angry, I would be upset. It is someone’s choice if they want to take intimate photos or not. If they do, they have every right and shouldn’t have to deal with the backlash and anguish of having their privacy violated.

No, these women did not ask for it. They are not at fault. They were having private moments, and should be allowed to do so. The person at fault is the hacker who did this. Anyone who releases intimate photos of women (and men) without his/her consent with the intent of humiliating them or attempting to destroy their reputation: You are a coward. You are a snake. You need to take a serious look at yourself and make some drastic changes in your life. You are what’s wrong with society, not the people who take nude photos of themselves.

Mind your own damn business. Stop victim blaming/shaming. It’s despicable. Leave these women alone.


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